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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my chances of actually getting a job in the computer industry?

Excellent, and getting better every year. The US department of Labor states 8 out of 10 of the fastest growing occupations are computer related careers. our nearest metropolitan Sunday newspaper and a variety of the Internet Job sites are filled with help wanted advertisements for computer professionals at all levels.

Can I work and take classes at LaSalle?

Definitely! Many students work part-time or even full-time as PC Technicians, Network consultants, security analysts, web designers, and computer programmers. Working part time or full time while studying at LaSalle will not only increase your job prospects when you are fully certified, but it will give you additional hands-on practice.

How long is the program?
LaSalle offers a variety of programs that vary in length. Programs can range from one week to 10 months depending on the program. Please contact a training consultant for specific details.

Do you guarantee me a job?
No. That is impossible. LaSalle has no control over who is or is not hired. We do however make every effort to help you find the job you want. We offer career guidance as well as placement assistance and will supply written recommendations when asked. We also personally recommend our outstanding graduates to any company who requests names of such people for possible employment in their area. No reputable school will guarantee you a job.

What is the difference between LaSalle and other certification centers?
LaSalle's training history is one of excellence. Since 1992, we've provided high-quality IT Training programs to career changers, experienced IT professionals seeking advanced training, and corporations looking to enhance their current staff's skills. In choosing LaSalle, you will have selected a "School of Choice" when it comes to private post-secondary IT certification education. At LaSalle, you will be prepared, in an environment that encourages professionalism, ethics, integrity, and hands-on experience. You will receive high quality training by certified instructors using industry current technology.

Do I need previous experience to become a certified computer professional?
No. Previous experience is NOT REQUIRED to become a certified IT Professional. LaSalle has trained more than 30,0000 individuals and many of them have had no prior experience.

Do I need to be certified to work in IT?
No, you do not have to be certified, but being a certified IT professional has many advantages over not being certified. Virtually any IT professional can get something (in addition to the official piece of paper) by pursuing a well-chosen certification. Most will reap many benefits. The payoffs may come in the form of a salary increase, better job, added confidence, or additional skills that allow you to move into a new area or perform your current functions more effectively.

Is LaSalle a state approved school?
Yes, LaSalle Computer Learning Center is licensed by the State of Florida, Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education. All IT Certification schools should be.

What is the job outlook in the industry?
The US Department of Labor states 8 out of 10 of the fastest growing occupations are computer careers. It is a fact that companies across America are desperate for well-trained IT professionals. There is opportunity at all levels in the industry.

What Does Certified Mean?
Certification provides independent verification of a certain level of expertise in a particular area. Basically, it means you've completed the steps required to receive a particular designation. Certifications that mean something are about achieving designations that demonstrate to your employer and/or clients that you are, indeed, an expert in a particular area or areas, and that a reputable, recognizable organization is willing to attest to that.

What Certifications Are There?
There are currently more than 700 technical certifications you can earn. Contact a LaSalle training consultant to discuss the areas you might be interested in and the relevant certifications.

Which certifications should I obtain?
This depends on the type of job you would like to have and your experience. Every area of IT has relevant certifications. Please contact a training consultant to go over different career paths, and to decide on an area that best suits you.

Will Certification Help Me Earn More?
Although increasing income isn't the only reason for obtaining certification, it's certainly a frequently cited motivator. In some cases, certifications can translate directly into increased rates. Several recent salary surveys reveal the power of certification to boost income. MCP Magazine reports that individuals who hold a basic MCP/operating system title report an average salary of $61,200; $4,600 more than professionals with no Microsoft certifications.

How Will Certification Affect My Marketability?
As long as you choose a certification with your career goals in mind, it should serve admirably as a marketability booster. First, certification training listed on your resume demonstrates your ability and your desire to stay current; this is no small task in an industry where skills can become obsolete as quickly as they became cutting edge.Second, it shows that you take initiative, a trait many employers look for.

Is Financial Assistance Available For Certification Training?
Absolutely. LaSalle offers a variety of affordable student financing options to help you.

Do I Need A College Degree?
Absolutely not. In fact, there are generally no educational prerequisites. Even lack of a high school diploma won't bar your entrance to a computer certification program.That's always been one of the great things about computer work--there's room for everyone who is capable and often even for those with marginal skills but burning passion for the field. Good educational credentials, however, will often smooth the way into the upper ranks of computer professionals and are listed as a requirement in many job postings. Larger companies, especially, seem to automatically expect candidates to hold a bachelor of computer science degree. Startups are often more flexible. Computer Certifications can sometimes be used in place of a degree.

What's The Future Of Computer Certification?

Certification is quickly becoming the standard for all IT Professionals.
The value of computer professional certifications appears to be on the rise. Judging by the rapid emergence of new programs, big business and professional organizations appear eager and able to fuel the market.

Can I Advance My Career Through Certification?

Many computer people are increasing their earnings by getting certified. They are finding great personal satisfaction in measuring themselves against the latest and best technologies and receiving independent confirmation that they have what it takes. And they are using certification to bridge to a fresh specialty, add in-depth expertise, or bolster professional credentials.

I'd like to start a new career in computers, what type of training/schooling should I pursue?
Hands-on training at LaSalle! All of our courses are hands-on and small. This gives our students added advantages over attending large colleges or technical schools.

I am interested in the programs offered at LaSalle, what should I do next?
Call today (888) 482-6877 to setup an appointment to meet with a training counselor or complete the form to the left and a counselor will contact you.

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